Shout Out to SLPs!

There are so many great developments going on in the field of speech-language pathology. Contributions to speech, language, and communication research are helping us better understand how these disorders work. New methods for helping those with speech and language disorders are making it easier to improve lives. Great professors are out there training the next generation of speech-language pathologists to be better than ever before.

We would like to call attention to all of the great work being done in speech and honor those who are positively impacting the field. If you know of a speech-language pathologist who deserves recognition, we encourage you to nominate them to Shout Out to SLPs!  We will be honoring a wide range of SLPs and their accomplishments on our site to demonstrate the wide range of benefits speech-language pathology brings to the world. Then, finalists will be chosen who have made especially great contributions.

Finalists and their workplaces or universities will be interviewed in depth and featured on our site. To make a nomination, please fill out the following form and send it to

Shout Out to SLPs Nomination Form

Who are We? is a free resource dedicated to helping aspiring Speech-Language Pathologists understand how to prepare to apply to graduate SLP programs, what to expect as they complete a program, and how to obtain licensure in their state. We created Shout-Out to SLPs! as a way to introduce these soon to be students to the world of speech and all of the great things that are happening in it.