Speech Language Pathology Interviews

Speech Pathology Blogger Interviews

In the process of creating the list of Speech Language Pathology Blogs, we realized there was so much that we wanted to learn about the amazing people behind these blogs, and that they might have a few kernels of wisdom to share with aspiring SLPs (they have more than a few). We are thankful that several speech pathology bloggers have agreed to interview with us so that we can offer you a glimpse of why they do what they do and what they have learned in the process. You can find all of the interviews here: 

Sean Sweeney, MS, MEd, CCC-SLP- Author of Speech Techie

Sean is a speech-language pathologist and technology consultant working in private practice at The Ely Center in Needham, MA.  Sean talks with us about technology in the speech room, how it’s changing, and how to make sure it’s effective.

Meredith Poore Harold, PhD, CCC-SLP- Author of The Informed SLP

Meredith is an Assistant Professor at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, where she supports future clinicians. Meredith talks with us about evidence-based practice, where we need it most, and how to make it a part of any SLP practice.

Katie Gore, MA, CCC-SLP- Author of Speech IRL

Katie is the founder and president at Speech IRL, a professional communications and therapy practice that specializes in working with youth and adults who struggle communicating in demanding academic and professional environments. Katie talks with us about the importance of integrating therapy and real life.

Lisa Kathman CCC-SLP- Cofounder of SLP Toolkit

Lisa is a graduate of Florida International University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and of Arizona State University with a degree in Communication Disorders. She is a proud member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and hold two ASHA ACE awards for continuing education excellence. Lisa talks with us about using technology to stay organized as an SLP.

Sarah Bevier CCC-SLP- Cofounder of SLP Toolkit

Sarah is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing and a Master’s degree in Communication Working exclusively in schools (wearing many different hats) has provided her great insight into the importance technology plays in the success of an SLP. Disorders. Sarah talks with us about using technology to stay organized as an SLP.

Nicole Kolenda, M.S., CCC-SLP

Nicole is an ASHA certified pediatric SLP working with children and young adults diagnosed with Developmental Differences. She has taught throughout New York City’s elite graduate programs, including Teacher’s College, New York University, Marymount Manhattan College, Hofstra University and Hunter College.  Nicole talks with us about working with children on the autism spectrum as an SLP.

Megan Sutton, MS, CCC-SLP- Founder of Tactus Therapy

Megan Sutton is an ASHA- and SAC-certified speech-language pathologist with 14 years of experience, specializing in aphasia. She designs apps for adult speech therapy through her company Tactus Therapy Solutions in Vancouver, Canada. We talk with Megan about her expertise in incorporating technology into adult speech therapy for communication, speech, and swallowing disorders.

Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP- Smart Speech Therapy

Tatyana is a bilingual SLP who specializes in working with multicultural, internationally & domestically adopted as well as at-risk children with complex communication disorders in a hospital, school, and private practice settings. We talk with Tatyana about telepractice and the importance of noticing the early signs of speech and language deficits.

Carrie Clark, SLP- Speech and Language Kids

Carrie Clark is a speech-language pathologist from Columbia MO who has a knack for breaking down complex speech and language topics into manageable, step-by-step guides. We talk with Carrie about implementing research into practice and the importance of parental feedback.

Nanette Cote, SLP- The Next Chapter in my Speech World

Nanette Cote has been providing speech and language therapy since 1995 in a variety of settings.  In addition to her private caseload at Naperville Therapediatrics which she started, Nanette contracts with Presence Learning to provide teletherapy services. We talk with Nanette about telepractice and technology in speech-language pathology.

Bridget Giraldo MS, CCC-SLP- Speech Therapy Talk

Bridget is a practicing SLP with over 12 years of experience.  Bridget founded a private speech therapy company, Speech Therapy Talk Services in 2017 and runs the website Speech Therapy Talk. She has worked in acute care, inpatient rehab, sub-acute care, outpatient clinics, private and public schools, and private practice. She is passionate about creating functional, individualized therapy programs to help others improve their communication skills using evidence-based therapy practices. We talk with Bridget about integrating therapy into everyday life and bilingual speech therapy.

Carissa Speelman MS, CCC-SLP- Home Sweet Speech Room

Carissa currently works in an outpatient pediatric clinic setting with children ages 2 through 21. Carissa has experience with autism, articulation and phonological disorders, language disorders, apraxia, social pragmatic communication disorder, dysphagia, and dyslexia.  She holds a Hanen Centre certification in More Than Words. We talk with Carissa about creating effective speech pathology materials.

Cheri Chin, SLP- Super Power Speech

Cheri Chin is creator of one of the first and longest running speech therapy blogs in the world. She has worked in schools, clinics, hospitals and private practice. She is a national presenter and has taught students around the world with her online courses. We talk with Cheri about how speech blogging has changed over the years and the difference between helping people speak and helping them communicate.

Emily Dubas MS, CCC-SLP- Constant Therapy

Emily Dubas MS, CCC-SLP,  is an author for Constant Therapy, an award-winning cognitive, speech and language therapy app designed for survivors of stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological disorders. We talk with Emily about motivating clients and the benefits of using technology with clients with brain injuries.

Nicole Allison MA, CCC-SLP- Speech Peeps

Nicole Allison, M.A., CCC-SLP, is an ASHA certified school-based speech language pathologist who has experience in both public and private schools. Nicole is a graduate of The University of Akron and has a passion for helping the school SLP succeed. She has presented at the local, state, and national level. We talk with Nicole about being the only SLP in a district and her new newsletter, The Minimalist SLP.

Annie Doyle, CCC-SLP- Doyle Speech Works

Annie is an ASHA certified SLP with 35 years experience in both school-based and private practice. She is a proud graduate of the ASHA Leadership Development Program and immediate past president of NHSLHA. We talk with Annie about how speech pathology has changed over the years and finding creative ways to address the unique needs of individual students.

Pam Drennen, MS CCC-SLP- Kidmunicate

Pam is a founder of Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy in Wayne, PA. She has had a passion for working with special needs children since receiving the Aaron and Lillie Straus grant to work with children with Down Syndrome and doing a Fellowship at the McAuley School for Exceptional Children. We talk with Pam about working with children with social communication disorders.

Donna Miazga, SLP- Badger State Speechy

Donna has been a licensed Speech Language Pathologist for over 25 years first working in medical settings and brain injury rehabilitation before switching to the public school setting. Donna is a published author of “The Reintegration Resource: Compensatory Bridges to Independence” and a member of the educational advisory board for Free Spirit Publishing. We talk with Donna about “growth mindsets” and what it’s like to transition from a medical to school setting.

Danielle Reed MS, CCC- SLP- Sublime Speech

Danielle Reed, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a school-based SLP with experience in Preschool-8th Grade and early intervention services. Danielle is also the Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder of XceptionalED. We talk with Danielle about early interventions and making the most out of the time a School SLP has with students.

Jessica Danley, SLP- Ozark Speech Therapist

Jessica L. Danley is a Senior Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in evaluation and treatment of adults with cognitive-communication, motor speech and swallowing impairments. She has gained over 10 years of experience in pediatric and medical settings. We talk with Jessica about transitioning within speech-language pathology from a pediatric to adult medical setting.

Mary Cooper M.Ed., CCC-SLP- Old School Speech

Mary Cooper, M.Ed., CCC-SLP is a veteran Speech/Language Pathologist in her 34th year as an SLP.  32 of those years have been in the public schools. She received her BS in Communicative Disorders from East Tennessee State University and her M.Ed. in Speech Pathology from Georgia State University. We talk with Mary about how school speech pathology continues  to evolve.

Becky Wanca, SLP- Speech Therapy Ideas

Becky Wanca has over 20 years of experience working in pediatrics with an emphasis on articulation and language disorders. Through her private practice, she has treated children in clinical settings, as well in their homes, daycares, and schools. We talk with Becky about creating effective speech-language pathology materials.

Kimberly Scanlon, CCC-SLP- My Toddler Talks

Kimberly Scanlon is a New Jersey­-licensed speech-language pathologist who is the author of the best-selling book My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development and the unique interactive picture book Learning to Read Is a Ball. We talk with Kimberly about working with toddlers with communication disorders.

Maureen Wilson, CCC-SLP- The Speech Bubble SLP™

Maureen Wilson, M.S., CCC-SLP, is an ASHA certified, school-based speech language pathologist and Certified Autism Specialist. She has had experience with a variety of disorders and programs.  Maureen graduated from Indiana State University in 2009 and has presented at the local, state, and national level. We talk with Maureen about effective and efficient speech-language therapy materials.

Lisa Murray, Eat, Speak, & Think

Lisa Murray has more than 10 years experience working with children and adults in a variety of settings and is currently starting her 5th year in home health. She has a strong passion for evidence-based assessment and treatment, having earned three ASHA Awards for Professional Participation in Continuing Education.  We talk with Lisa about working as an SLP in a home health setting.

Chung Hwa, Thee Home Health SLP Handbook

Chung Hwa Brewer, M.A., CCC-SLP, is an artist and Speech-Language Pathologist. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Houston in Texas. She’s the author of The Home Health SLP Handbook. She lives with her family and grumpy old cat in Washington state.